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No appetite for charity Buffett dinner

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An auction for a charity dinner at Warren Buffett’s childhood home has been wrapped up without a single bidder, likely because the Oracle of Omaha wasn’t scheduled to make an appearance.

Rio Tinto Group's ambition to become a uranium miner in Canada puts Denison Mines Corp. in prime position to land the industry’s richest takeover offer.

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A week after losing a pair of star investment bankers, UBS has landed a rainmaker from Bank of America.

In a bid to boost sales in emerging markets, Nestlé SA announced a deal Monday to acquire Pfizer Inc.’s infant-nutrition business for $11.85-billion

Thomson Reuters announced that it is selling its health-care business to private equity firm Veritas Capital for $1.25-billion (U.S.) in cash.

Canada’s insurance brokers have lodged a complaint with the country’s banking regulator, alleging that two big banks are flouting Ottawa’s rules by promoting insurance on their websites.