Morning meeting: Wheat prices expected to spike

The Globe and Mail


(Joanna Wnuk/Getty Images/Hemera)

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Wheat prices expected to spike What do Kansas, Ukraine and Russia have in common? All are major wheat producers suffering droughts severe enough to spark the biggest reduction in global supply estimates since 2003.

Alibaba looks for partners to buy back Yahoo stake The China Investment Corporation is in the running to add as much as $2-billion to the Alibaba Group’s efforts to buy back a stake from Yahoo, according to sources.

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‘Facebooked’ enters the lexicon If Mark Zuckerberg wanted his brand to become a verb (a la Google), this probably isn’t what he had in mind.

The laissez-faire approach to high frequency trading A few ideas on the pros and cons of HFT, including a more hands off approach to regulation.

Profit in 140 characters or less Despite beating the market, a hedge fund based on social media-derived market sentiment closed down after only one month.

Questions arise over JPMorgan’s risk oversight board There’s lots of diverse experience on JPMorgan’s risk board. Too bad none of it applies to large financial institutions.