Morning meeting: Compensation concerns

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Compensation concerns
Bankers met with the Federal Reserve to complain that too much compensation attention by regulators is leading to “unnecessary tension.”

Dispelling rumours that the hedge fund industry is swelling
Here’s why industry won’t triple (or even double) in size.

Two years’ warning
Reports have surfaced the J.P. Morgan knew that London traders were taking big risks and here’s a timeline tracking events that led to the loss.

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Apple chooses TomTom
Dutch stock up 15 per cent as Apple ditches Google Maps.

How to view financial crime
Is it possible to commit economic homicide?

Perma-bear to perma-bull
Economist David Rosenberg issues another cheerful note.

Staples: The best of a precarious lot
Can the office supply giant survive changes in retail?

The euro-rescue continues?
Austria’s Finance minister says Italy might need a bailout too.

And, having trouble in Greece?
Take your business HQ to Bulgaria. Thousands of businesses have reportedly done so.