Rogue Ottawa page protests silently as Wildrose's Smith votes

HIGH RIVER, Alta. — The Canadian Press

A campaign work with the Wildrose party steers protester Brigette DePape, a former senate page, away from Party leader Danielle Smith April 23, 2012 outside a polling station on election day in Smith's ridding of High River. (John Lehmann/Globe and Mail/John Lehmann/Globe and Mail)

Wildrose party Leader Danielle Smith was met by a silent protester as she left a community centre after voting in High River, south of Calgary, this morning.

Ms. Smith joked with reporters as she cast her ballot that she was voting strategically this election.

Outside the Highwood Memorial Centre she was greeted by Brigette DePape, the page who disrupted the federal throne speech last year with her “Stop Harper” sign.

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Dressed in a page costume with white gloves, she stood in front of Ms. Smith holding a sign that read “Stop Harper's Gang.”

Ms. Smith observed that her party must be doing well if the opposition was importing protesters from Ottawa.

Ms. DePape said she was there on her own to speak for young people, saying that Wildrose policies are even more extreme than those of the Harper government.