Kate's mom does it: How daughters influence their mother's style

The Globe and Mail

Carole Middleton is seen after the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey, in central London, April 29, 2011. (Toby Melville/Toby Melville/Reuterse)

Demi Moore does it. So does Kate Middleton's mom. If you have the urge to raid your daughter's closet (or conscript her as your personal shopper) then you are not alone.

Teenage girls have a strong influence on the clothes and products their mothers use, according to a Temple University Fox School of Business study - to the point where moms are likely to copy their daughter's style themselves, on purpose.

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The study calls it the "consumer doppelganger effect." The research samples 343 mother-daughter pairs and found that moms who were "young at heart," interested in fashion and who saw their daughters as style experts often copied their clothing choices.

The study, to no surprise, showed that the effect didn't work the other way: Your closet, in other words, is pretty safe.

Copying a trendy pair of jeans is one thing, but a story in the Daily Mail reminded us of the line that every mom should not cross - starting with the 50-year-old woman who spent $15,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like her daughter's twin. Admitting that it sounded like a "barmy" idea (um, that's one word for it), Janet Cunliffe explained: "The way I see it is that she got her looks from me in the first place - mine have just faded with age."

Is there something in your daughter's closet that you would love to steal? And assuming that you aren't going to go under the knife any time soon, can a mother go too far in copying her daughter's look?